South Africa SMS Subscriptions

South Africa Subscriptions

In South Africa it is also possible to control your own subscriptions by using an API call to MessageCloud Gateway. If you require this functionality then please contact MessageCloud Support.

The process is almost the same as a normal billing API call with one small difference - you need to send us your South Africa application ID as part of the id parameter. This ID is the value that you. You should familiarise yourself with the MessageCloud Gateway API as this will assist you during this integration.

Initiate a Subscription

To initiate a subscription for an end user you should make a call similar to the following:

The South Africa application ID is used in the id parameter followed by a unique message ID that your platform uses to identify the message for reporting purposes. These two values are separated by a | symbol. We strongly advise that you add a unique message ID in order to track your user base however if you choose not to do this you still need to include the | symbol.


Once the pre-agreed subscription period has elapsed you should make another call in the same format as above to repeat the charge.


You can retry billed messages daily or at a frequency required. Note there are fees for this, so speak to your account manager or read our FAQ on South Africa OBS.