JunglePay is now closed to new registrations. Talk with our team for alternative premium mobile and other billing solutions.

JunglePay is an award-winning mobile payment and online billing solution for websites, mobile sites and applications. Using the power and connectivity of the MessageCloud platform, we've made it easy to bring those connections to you and your business with minimal effort.


  • Accept payments via three popular billing methods: SMS, IVR/telephone and credit card.
  • Integrate JunglePay into your new or pre-existing applications using our JunglePay Wizard; an easy-to-use, online tool for generating JunglePay widgets.
  • Simple integration to your WordPress site using our WordPress plugin.
  • Need more customisation? No problem! Use our JunglePay API to generate windows on-the-fly.
  • The customisable design enables you to match our JunglePay widget with your brand.
  • JunglePay is fully internationalised and geotargeted meaning that all of your customers get a great experience.
  • Our in-depth documentation means you should be up-and-running in no time — and if you get stuck we have dedicated support teams to steer you back in the right direction.
  • See your payments and revenue growth in real-time using our Control Panel.

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