Setup SMS Bulk Push

Setting up SMS Bulk Push

With SMS Bulk Push you can quickly and easily setup bulk SMS messaging to multiple numbers. To add this to your account contact out support team on .

Setup Campaign

Once we have added the product you’ll need to login to your dashboard and select SMS Bulk Push from your products tab.

Here there will be a list of available products you have bought with us. Click Open SMS Bulk Push.

Once here you will be presented with new and previous campaigns, for our first campaign choose ‘New Campaign’

Here you can setup your Bulk SMS campaign, fill out the fields.

  1. Company name, this is your campaign name.
  2. Sender ID is what the end user will see in the SMS as sent from you can put in upto 11 characters.
  3. Message Text now you can fill in the message up to 160 characters per credit, unless using non standard characters.
  4. Adding numbers, firstly make sure you use to correct prefix for each country without any + or 0 (eg. In the UK this would look like 447123456789). You have two options to send to you can either paste the numbers into he Input Numbers box or upload a csv file. When submitting via csv remember 1 number per line.

If you have any issues please contact us at