Bulk SMS - Desktop SMS SMPP tool

Bulk SMS - Desktop SMS SMPP tool

Broadcast bulk SMS directly from your desktop using MessageCloud's Desktop SMS tool which connects via SMPP

  • Download the MessageCloud SMS Tool.  
  • With the MessageCloud Desktop SMPP Application launched, enter in your account credentials provided by MessageCloud after purchasing credits. Enter the message to send, the numbers to send to and press send:

Login at http://smsc.txtnation.com and click CDR Search to see the messages sent and their corresponding delivery status:


Submitted = Submitted app to MessageCloud SMSC 

Delivered = Delivered to the network operator 

Status report = Delivery report received from the network operator. Scroll right for the status report meaning received (delivered / rejected / failed).

We're here to help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to log a ticket at  help@messagecloud.com