Campaign Guidance - Finland - PSMS

Campaign Guidance - Finland - PSMS

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Finland Mapel Code of Conduct.


Points that must be visible and separate to the disclaimer which is displayed at the bottom of the page:

  • Price.
  • How to opt out and cancel the service. The word STOP must be displayed in capitals.
  • The subscription campaign must clearly state that that the service is a Subscription. The information must be eye-catching and clearly noticeable to the consumer. For entertainment services, you should include the following:
  • FI: Vahvista viihde-kestotilaus
  • EN: Confirm your entertainment subscription

The following must be displayed on your landing page, approximate to the call to action, not hidden below the fold of the page:

  • Customer care details must be visible.
  • The name of the service provider.
  • State that the fee will be added to the user’s phone bill or deducted from their pre-paid credit.
  • Full Terms and Conditions link.

Please include the following line, that confirms that the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions

  • FI: Hyväksyn Mobiilimaksun käyttöehdot.
  • EN: I agree to the Mobile Terms of Service

Note: All promotional material, messages and any content portals must be displayed in the local, Finnish language.


The price of the service, including any taxes must be presented clearly in all advertising, closely located by the service number and it must be easily readable. If the service has a minimum price, it must be stated.

The price must be clearly visible and understandable on the advertisement. The marketing must be big enough, so that it can be read without the possibility of it being misread.

Message Flow


If the service costs more than €6, a separate price announcement must be given to the user. Price announcements can be given via one of the following:

  • By asking for a special confirm message from the user (so called double opt-in) by a SMS message that includes the name and the price of the service and the name and the contact information of the service provider.
  • By including the price of the service unambiguously in the ordering message (for example. TICKET €6) This does not apply to services over €10.
  • By sending a receipt immediately after the ordering message. The receipt must include: name of the service provider, name of the service and price. This option is allowed only in services that cost no more than €12.


Double Opt-in: Before the beginning of the actual subscription and before any billing, the user must receive and answer the following message, which must be sent in the format below:

  • FI: Vahvista viihde-kestotilaus.Hinta X€/kk.Lopetus:Viesti STOP numeroon 17XXX. OK jos haluat tilata palvelun.Säilytä tämä viesti
  • EN: Confirm the entertainment subscription. Price X € / month. End: Message STOP to 17XXX. Internet: Answer OK if you want to subscribe to the service. Keep this message

The subscription can start only after the end-user has confirmed it by sending the keyword ”OK” by SMS.

Welcome: A welcome message should be sent, confirming the subscription is activated and include the price, how to cancel the service and support details.


  • You need to include the service name in each billed message.
  • If you are sending more than one billed message, please ensure that the content link (if applicable) is included in each message. This is to ensure that the consumer is able to access the content, in case one of the billed messages do not deliver.  
  • If you are sending multiple billed messages; you need to make them different, so that the consumer understands that all messages are required.

Reminder: The Service Provider must send to the subscriber a free reminder message 24 hours prior to the new subscription period, which must include the following:

  • Name of the Service
  • Price
  • How to stop the service
  • Support

Stop: A stop confirmation message must be sent, confirming that the subscription has been cancelled.

  • EN: FreeMsg: You are now unsubscribed from {name of service}. Helpline {non-premium, must not charge more than national rate}.

Question? Speak with our Compliance Team for any advice for this or any other market.