Campaign Guidance - United Kingdom - DCB

UK – Guidance and Regulations

Please ensure that you review and familiarise yourself with the Phone-paid Services Code of Practice.


The below includes points that must be visible on your landing page, prior to the user seeing the payment information:

  • Price - this must be visible on all marketing material, including banners that are used to promote the service. It must be clearly displayed in a proximate and prominent position to the call to action; the currency symbol must be used, and the frequency must be included for subscription services: e.g. "£2" for one-time services or "£3 per week" for subscriptions. The price must be the same size as the call to action.
  • Service Description - A clear service description must be included, explaining what the consumer is going to get when they sign up to the service.
  • Campaign name - The service name must be visible on all marketing material, included on any banners that are used to advertise the service. The name must be consistent throughout the payment process and content pages.
  • Content delivery - If the content is delayed, or the consumer needs to complete further steps to gain access to the content, for example create a profile, this should be made clear to the consumer on the home page, prior to signing up, so they know what they will need to do, to gain access to the content.
  • Payment buttons - The payment button, prior to the DCB payment window cannot be the same or similar colours as those on the DCB window. 
  • The opt-out instructions must be clearly displayed for all subscription services, the word stop must be written in capitals e.g. send STOP to XXXXX.
  • Full Terms and Conditions link to be available on the home page, this should be detailed and include terms on all aspects of the website including mobile billing. There should be a Privacy Policy section or a separate link on your web page.
  • The campaign must specify whether the service is aimed at a certain audience, adult campaigns will need the user to verify their age before they are able to view any adult content.
  • If the consumer needs internet access to view the content, specify how "Data rates apply". 
  • If the consumer can only access the content via the device that they paid on, this must be made clear on the home page, prior to the user signing up and making any payments.
  • A clear customer care or Helpline number, which must be charged at no more than the basic rate.
  • The level 2 provider name must be clearly displayed, you can use the trading name listed on your PSA registration. E.g. "Service provided by ......."

Message Flow

When using DCB you do not need to worry about the message flow, as this is set up using the information from your dedicated DCB shop. When consumers make a purchase, the messages will be sent automatically as part of the DCB payment flow.


Due to changes in the market, affiliate marketing can no longer be used to advertise and promote premium services. Direct Media Buying is the only marketing method that you can use to promote your service in the UK. This reduces the risk and ensures that you, as the level 2 are in control of your advertising.

If you intend to use the customers details to market to them in the future, you must gain the users permission and ensure that you provide them with a clear and simply method to opt-out.

Customer care / Refund Policy

All service providers must have a detailed customer care process and refund policy in place.

You need to ensure that a process is in place for consumers to gain help should they require it, along with a refund policy for those are eligible for one.

You should also review the PSA guidance notes below: 

Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA)

You must register with the UK regulator, the Phone-paid Services Authority - Register here.

There are other steps to follow and complete, you can see these steps here.

  • You’ll also need to let the PSA know which numbers you’ll be using to operate the service, whether fixed line, mobile short code, or other number type. This is important as it allows them to share information about your service with consumers through their Service Checker. Please note you will need to do this within 48 hours of the service going live.

Once you are live in the UK, you need to update the PSA, to inform them that you are running a live service. You can do this by logging in to your PSA account:

  • In "Manage Account"
  • "Submit / Edit Number"

Click here to access the correct page.

You will need to enter a bit more information, including the short code that you are operating on. This is the code that is used to enable consumers to opt out of the service. If you are running a DCB service – the “ID for your campaign” can be left blank.

Question? Speak with our Compliance Team for any advice for this or any other market.