Using SMPP


Our SMPP gateway can also be used to send high volumes of SMS. Please speak with your account manager if you would like to use the SMPP gateway.


You should connect your SMPP application with the following credentials and settings:

  • Host:
  • Port: 2775 (2776 for TLS)
  • Bind TON/NPI: 0/0
  • System Type: Please leave this field empty

A username and password will be provided upon application.

For reference, the SMPP specification can be found at:


We recommend that you implement the following features when using SMPP:

  • Connect with TLS enabled on port 2776
  • A rebinding strategy if the connection to our SMPP gateway is lost
  • Enquire link packets should be sent every 30 seconds to ensure the connection is available
  • Rate limiting to match the pre-agreed throughput limits

Pre-made SMPP Applications

Several open source projects are available to you which may make integration with SMPP easier. See Kannel or Jasmin SMS for more information. MessageCloud is not affiliated with these projects in any way and, as such, support cannot be provided.