Getting Started With Gateway

Getting Started With Gateway

Whitelist our IP Addresses

When we send you HTTP notifications, such as Mobile Originators (MO’s) and delivery reports, our IP address will always be one of the following:


For security reasons you should ensure that all requests to your HTTP responders are from one of these IP addresses.

Give us your HTTP responder

When you sign into your MyMessageCloud account you will need to visit Dashboard> Gateway> Open Gateway> Settings. On this page you are able to give us the URL of your HTTP responder — this is the URL to which your MOs will be sent. You can do this near the top of the Gateway page as shown below:

If you see a page similar to the below image, you should contact us to activate the Gateway module on your account.

Make a note of your ekey

You will be given an API token in the form of an "ekey" this is the key that you will be required to use every time you make an API request if this is incorrect then your campaign will not work and will cause delays.

Give us your delivery report responder

Optionally, you can provide us with a separate URL for your delivery reports. This can be useful if you wanted to logically separate the two actions.

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