Register a Profile

Register a Profile & Organisation

A MessageCloud profile is a personal account that allows you to start your MessageCloud journey.

Under your profile, you can add one or more organisations. An organisation is the business or other body you work for and its the entity with which we contract. Under each organisation, you can set up and track multiple products, campaigns and API users.

You can easily switch between organisations (if you have more than one) under a single MessageCloud profile, meaning you only need a single set of credentials.

If you delete an organisation, you can still retain your MessageCloud profile and create new organisations in future. You will also be able to join other organisations set up by other profile users (coming soon).

Problems creating a new profile? Profile Quick Start.

Understanding profiles & organisations

Profile A profile is a unique set of credentials created and owned by an individual user. Once you have a profile, you can create an organisation (see below) but a profile is also separate from an organisation, meaning you can create or belong to multiple organisations under the same profile credentials. If you delete an organisation, you still retain your profile for life, so you can create or join new organisations in future.
Organisation An organisation is a business, corporation, company, charity, brand, NGO or other body that contracts with MessageCloud to operate billing and messaging services. A profile user (you) can add an organisation, and then request and track one or more products. If you create an organisation, you become the organisation owner. Organisation owners can add other profile users to the organisation, such as members of their team, each of whom must have their own personal MessageCloud profile (coming soon).

Coming Soon

We are also working on new features, which will enable you to add other MessageCloud profile users to the organisations you create. This will allow your team to access your MessageCloud resources, just as you do. You will be able to select which sections of the control panel your team can access. You can also be invited to organisations owned by other profile users. We will make an announcement about multi-user controls in 2018.