Profile Quick Start

Profile Quick Start

Creating a MessageCloud profile is simple. We only require you to give us a username, email address and a password.

You will also have to verify your email address and, if you choose to provide a mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS to verify your device.

This profile becomes yours for life (or at least as long as want it!). You can create one or more organisations under which you can launch any of the products offered by our platform.

We also have a fuller explanation about profiles and organisations if you'd like to learn more.

Creating a profile

It's super simple to create a MessageCloud profile. Simply create a username, password and email, verify your email address, and you're done. You will have the option to give us your mobile number to set up two-factor authentication, or you can add that at any time in the future.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose a username: this can be any combination of words, letters or symbols but cannot contain any spaces. It could be your full name (without spaces), company name, a favourite word or two, and must be unique on our platform. If you choose a username that has already been registered, you will be asked to choose another one. In future, you will be able to change your username (coming soon).
  3. Choose an email address. This should be a real address that you control. You will need access to it so that you can click the verification link in the email we will send to this address. You can choose a personal or work email address, but you may wish to check your company's security policy first if appropriate.
  4. Choose a password. To help keep your profile secure, please choose a strong password. This generally should be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  5. Accept our terms and conditions. Click the tick box to agree to our main clients terms. This forms part of the contract between you and MessageCloud.
  6. Click the Register button. If there are any issues with the above credentials, please correct them and click the button again. You may have to fill out the Captcha challenge to ensure you are human. This reduces automated sign ups.
  7. Verify your email address. You should now receive an email containing a link that you must click to verify that the email address belongs to you. Again, this helps reduce automated sign ups.
  8. Extra security step. You will then be offered the opportunity to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your profile. This is explained in the section below.
Heads up. Any API keys or other product-specific credentials you get in future will be entirely separate from the username and password you choose at this stage. Your profile is to allow you to log in to create and then access any organisations you create or are invited to join.

Setting up two-factor authentication

When you have created your profile, you will be presented with the option of setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). With 2FA, you are able to log in with a username and password plus a unique, one-time code. This code will be sent to your mobile phone in an SMS. You will be sent a fresh code every time you log in to MessageCloud, just to help ensure that it really is you who is logging in. This increases the security of your profile.

Our upcoming Verify product will allow you to offer your own users, subscribers and customers the security of 2FA from your own Web and mobile apps and services.

Troubleshooting: got a problem with your profile?

We will be setting out further help here soon.