Return values explained

Return Values Explained

When you make a call to the API, the result of the call will be output into the body of the HTTP response. The response is split into two or three sections using the  | (pipe) character. For example:

A successful response will always begin with OK. Error responses will begin with ERROR.

The second section of the string reports the ID of the transaction in our platform. This will be posted to you with every subsequent HTTP POST callback. We recommend that you interpret this value as a 64-bit integer to avoid integer overflow issues.

The final section is the URL to which you must redirect your end user (HTTP 302).

Error messages

The following list details the possible error strings that you may experience. Please note that X is a place holder for more informative text.

  • You have forgotten to include a parameter that must be included for the transaction you want to create:
Missing parameter X in request
  • A parameter does not conform to the requirements of the field:
Parameter X is not in required format
  • The company and/or password values are incorrect:
Invalid credentials
  • The amount you want to charge is not supported:
Unsupported value
  • The currency must be GBP:
The currency given was not recognised
  • There is a temporary problem retrieving your account details. Please try again later:
Account not found
  • There is a temporary problem loading a Payforit window. Please try again later:
Payforit unavailable for this transaction, errno: X
  • There is a temporary problem saving your transaction details. Please try again later:
Payforit currently unavailable