About MessageCloud

Getting to know us.

MessageCloud enables companies like yours to engage meaningfully with their customers.

Through APIs and apps, we empower you to send updates, offers and alerts and create other interactions with your users via their mobile devices. We also provide ways to monetise your business by allowing you to charge for consumer services via mobile payments.

After a simple integration, you can communicate or charge in amazingly flexible ways, whilst our platform takes care of the heavy lifting. You can use our control panel, out of the box, to track the success of all your campaigns and make adjustments to increase your success.

Originally founded in 2002, MessageCloud is one of the most established messaging platforms. We pride ourselves not only on our technology, but on our hands-on support to make integrating, using and optimising your campaigns pain-free.

The technical and compliance requirements of mobile communications can be complicated, and vary from service to service and from country to country: our team can help you make sense of it all. In this way, we combine technology and people to make the most of your precious relationships with your users.

Use Docs to learn more about us, our services and how to connect your business to our platform. You can use one or more services tailored to your unique business needs, and our Docs will take you step by step. If you are unsure at any stage - from sign-up to shipping code - our expert team is on hand.

Note. MessageCloud is the trading name of txtNation Limited and you may see some references to txtNation URLs, which are still valid for the purposes of using our API and communicating with our platform.

Our 'Step-by-Step Guide' gives a quick overview of how to get started today